Secure sexting: things which girls who send naughty pics have to know

Surely you know the meaning of the sexting, but in case you have never come across it, here is the short definition for you. Sexting is when the people send or receive messages intending to excite sexually someone. It also entails sharing nude photos with each other and that’s a common practice among the girl yearning to indulge their beloved boyfriends. There is nothing shameful about that but before sending naughty pics each girl must be aware of a few simple things to avoid embarrassing situations.

Be careful

Remember, there is always a possibility that your photos can appear accidentally on the Internet. To avoid that, never send your erotic photos to the stranger even if you want to build relationships with him. Passion isn’t everlasting and sometimes people can be painfully deceiving. But in case you want to boost the mood of your potential boyfriend, take the photo without the face, so it would be hard to identify you.

Don’t be drunk

It’s strictly prohibited to drink the alcohol before driving the car, the same is with nude pics. Feel at ease after a few glasses of wine and want to show your guy how hot you are without the clothes? Never do that if you don’t want to regret, besides being not sober you can send photos to the wrong person.

Don’t send naughty photos if he doesn’t ask you

You don’t have to send your nude pictures after the first flirting message.  If your guy didn’t ask you to send your nude photo then probably it’s better to refrain from that for a while. Indeed, he may consider your figure divine and flawless but imagine the situation when he is taking part in the important negotiations and suddenly opens your message. Most like his college sitting nearby will enjoy your body as well.

Secure your phone with the password

It’s an excellent solution to prevent the stealing of the photos. Also encouraging your boyfriend to do the same would be good. No one can ensure the total security of the information stored on your device, but these basic precautions can make harder for thieves to use your personal data.

Delete everything

Even the better solution to protect your intimacy is to clean your phone instantly after you sent the naughty photo. For sure, you won’t look through them once again but they are able to create loads of unpleasant problems in the future. Your phone can be stolen or you can accidentally lose it.

While using chat app don ‘t allow recording your story

Lots of modern apps involve “incognito” function and it means that your history won ‘t be saved, However, those setting allows you only to delete photos from your phone, so teach your chap to do the same.

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