A rise in the number of teen girls addicted to sharing Snapchat pics

Have you noticed that nowadays teen girls are taking over the world of Snapchat? Well, if not get this discovery. Generally, we know that teens are turning out to be the majority users of the net, with research showing that 60 percent of teens with phones cannot go a day without visiting the internet.

If you have a teen girl, check how she uses her phone and especially Snapchat. You will realize that she is probably in this phase too. Some days back there was a mother who was complaining about her daughter’s addiction to Snapchat. “She only started experimenting and now she is on a whole new level, where she cannot leave Snapchat. She keeps sending her pics to friends on Snapchat almost all the time.” Said the mother.

There are very many things that could lure teens into getting addicted to Snapchat. Some of these causes just come unnoticeably and without the realization of the addiction, whereas others just force themselves to this Snapchat addiction. Here are some causes of teen girls’ addiction to Snapchat.

Why most teen girls are addicted to sharing pics on Snapchat

1. Peer pressure

For the first time, most girls join Snapchat world out of pressure from their friends and their peers. If your teen girl realizes that her friends are spending time on Snapchat, she will definitely want to be like them. This way, she will slowly get addicted to Snapchat pics.

2. Maintaining high snapstreak

How frequently and how long people can share pics on Snapchat adds onto their snapstreak. Nowadays, having high snapstreak seems like a competition. Every teen girl wants hers to be the highest. This makes many girls to spend a lot of time sharing pics on Snapchat. Sometimes girls even ask their friends to log in to their accounts to pretend to be them to increase snapstreak.

3. Using Snapchat is easy and quick

Many teens find Snapchat very easy to use as compared to other social sites. Now, it’s definitely easier getting addicted to something that is simple to use as compared to hard stuff with lengthy processes. For Snapchat, you just open the app, take a photo and add to story. That’s why it’s easier getting addicted to Snapchat.

4. Snapchat is the place now

Teens go with trends, and now Snapchat is the trend. Other social sites are getting outdated. Everyone keeps on checking their Snapchat nowadays.

Addiction to Snapchat is getting very common to teen girls, with one of the above causes acting as a medium.

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